Satellite Dish Pointing Calculator

This tool can help you conduct a site survey of your property to determine if you are a candidate for satellite reception.

Select the satellite you are trying to setup and then your city, state or province where you are located at and then press enter. Google Maps will show your city and just under the satellite image will be your dish elevation, azimuth, and LNB skew.

Azimuth: The angle relating to the horizontal positioning of the dish. The angle is expressed in terms of degrees, with
North = 0 degrees, South = 180 degrees. Use your compass to aim dish at that angle.

Elevation: The angle above the horizon, and is also expressed in terms of degrees. This is the angle by which the dish must be "tilted Up or Down" in relation to the theoretical horizon, in order to position it precisely for the desired satellite.

Skew: When you set the skew of your LNB you are lining up your dish exactly to the same horizontal/vertical position as the satellite in the sky. The satellites all lie in a curve in the sky called the Clarke Belt and so are at different heights. Ku band satellites use horizontal and vertical linear polarization and so the skew has to match the (H/V) position of the satellite for optimum satellite signal strength and quality. When standing in front of your dish, rotate the LNB counter-clockwise for a + skew value or rotate the LNB clockwise for a - skew value.

Dish alignment with Dishpointer