ein neues, aktuelles CVS-Image von heute Abend für die DM7000:

Incl. Simple EUROPE Satellites_XML by [email protected] ( 01.10.2009 ).

with-Module scsi
with Module usb
with Module cifs
with Module reiserfs
with Module smbfs
with-webif=expert (Ver. 6.0.4-Expert)
with enable-maintainer-mode
with enable-flashrules
with epg=private
with mhw-epg=yes
with flashtool=expert
with ext-flashtool=yes
with enigma-debug=yes
with pmt.tmp
with lemmings
with master
with mines
with mosaic
with pacman
with pip
with rss
with satfind
with snake
with soko
with sol
with solitair
with tank
with tetris
with tuxcom
with tuxtxt
with vierg
with yahtzee

Driver from 22.10.2007