Exclusively modify the summit Nemesis4.4 Sarour and a knife on 14/8/2011


exclusively today offer you a new Avatar in the world of the amendment to the image of Nemesis of the image becomes the top of awe and beauty Taalo review together amendments * Add a picture off a new * Add Arabic and French, besides English change the original knife knife again very good and beauty to the brother Zeno Sarour * 

possibility of changing the display channels by pressing the button ok and Help 

* Merge Blogin CCcamInfo to follow up the case of the server 

* Merge Blogin CryptInfo to follow up the case of server and Hops 

* Merge Blogin Minicat Key to update the code of the kindly 

* Merge Blogin Nagrab for the registration of the Dream of a computer 

* Merge Blogin Signal Quality to know the signal strength

* repair problem viewing via the browser fixed Web x tv 

* amendment to the transparency of the knife to aggravated beautiful

* Add file satellites and frequencies of new satellite Hispasat 30 ° W to the moon Turcsat42 degrees east longitude Note Haaama: image is built by the Imo can be downloaded IMO right for you brothers of the server is available by all the extras 

* This is raw (img) can be passed to the Dream through dreamup or flashwizard 

Here are some of saccharin-shot of the image